Sound Design

I am completing my MFA in Sound Design for film and video games at Academy of Art University San Francisco.  These are examples of my Sound Design work.  Most examples are from assignments completed during my time in school. However,  it will be mentioned if they were personal projects or for contract work.

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This was a grad school assignment for The Academy of Art University San Fransisco. The objective of this assignment was to add all sound effects to a pre-filmed chase scene clip. I was not involved in the filming of this clip and I do not own the rights to the visuals. Completed May 27th 2017.


This Film Trailer was a Graduate School assignment.  I was tasked with adding additional sound effects to this trailer. The sound effects were assigned to us. They were created by myself and other classmates using digital only techniques in a previous assignment, before we had viewed this trailer. Completed April 30th 2017

This video is the Logic Pro session used for this project.


The following assignment was to create a radio broadcast with three parts: 10 second station identification, a radio drama (War of the Worlds), and a 30 second advertisement spot.   In this assignment we were provided the sounds for the 10 second station identification, we just edited and mixed them. The script section for War of the Worlds was provided but all sound effects were created by me or from sound libraries.  The entire project was recorded, mixed and edited solely by me. Completed May 27th 2017.